Jim has built our bed/office cabinet/room divider, our kitchen cabinets, our pantry, our hall bathroom, our entryway unit and two beautiful pieces in our living room. His knowledge and creativity is exceptional, as his reliability.  I think we may have to find something else for him to build  for us. Love the Cabinet Tree!

~ Nicki

Jim Nordberg is a magician who creates space where none should exist! His unique cabinet configurations gave us more storage than I believed was possible in a 1,250 square foot condo. I can speak to Jim’s high standards and expert craftsmanship; I can wax eloquently about his customer service. What impresses me most is his design talent. I’m talking STORAGE!

Our kitchen and bath cabinets were sleek and beautiful, and carried the modern theme of our remodel. However, and as a tribute to his versatility, his den wall unit was perfectly designed to look like an original part of our 1914 condo. A window seat (with storage, of course) simply disappeared, while its functionality was ever apparent. Everything blended beautifully into our remodel. 

I doubt anybody chooses clutter and poor organization. While I’m not a neat freak, our remodel of a relatively small two-bedroom condo demanded a space free of crap and an ability to organize things in an efficient manner. Jim built an unbelievable amount of organized storage in ways that I would never have imagined; and he did it on time and within budget.

~ Lee Epstein