Sonoma County Project

“This is a little subdivision house built in the early 60’s that had a galley kitchen. We had to redesign the kitchen, and the client kept coming up with pictures of kitchens in castles! For a galley kitchen! We did it out of knotty alder, and it does read like a castle. I tore the ceiling out and rounded the edges. Because I wanted that large look a castle would have, I made the doors 1.5” thick so I could make them super wide.

"The hood cabinet is very complex—it curves in different directions—and then cabinets on either side had to have the same thickness, or they would have looked different. The hinges were hand-forged in France; every hinge had to be played with. The knots in the wood, some go all the way through, and sometimes you don’t want that, so we’d put a finish around the knot and fill the bottom of it with a pigmented fiberglass resin.

“We used every inch of space. That standing clock against one wall? That’s an ironing board.”

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